Top 10 Predictions on Smart Home Future

Technology has evolved rapidly over the years as the concept of home automation gadgets like controlling your home’s thermostat, lights and security systems with your smartphone has taken over many homes. The devices like Google Home, Alexa and Amazon Echo has been bought by many people as the artificial intelligence is becoming a trend now. Let’s look at the top 10 predictions on smart home future.

Smart Kitchen Devices

Smart Kitchen Home Gadgets have come into the market and has created a unique style, as people are getting to know that such devices help them in their daily life. Kitchen utensils like rice cookers are connected to Alexa and integrated apps, as we can control them with our smartphones.

Voice Control Integration

Voice Control Integration is another tech that is getting popular among the people and it has been predicted that Voice control of technologies that are included in your phone, TV, home audio and even car dashboard will be common by the end of 2018. Voice is expected to be the breakthrough advancement in this era.

The Focus on Surveillance

Surveillance has a become an important factor for people as they want to protect their physical and intellectual property. With time, people will be focussed more on surveillance.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something that is going to revolutionize the concept of home automation. The video surveillance can be taken as an example where AI can be used to automate threat detection and proactively alert us if something goes wrong. With Technology getting more efficient, the control of every appliance will be from a central place. These devices will be updated as the AI evolves and will automatically adjust to our preferences.

Customer Service

Numerous smart home devices are entering the market and some companies are thinking about using customer service as a differentiator. Such an environment can present several challenges for the consumers but the companies who go past that will succeed.

Data Sharing

Sharing the data of homeowners with businesses will probably be the next big thing in smart home technology. Setting the lights and preferred temperature when you’re back home is something that’s going to come soon. The data that you share with the smart devices will be of great interest to the companies that build such products.

New Smart Home Use Cases

The future of smart home automation is predicted to be a platform approach as the devices will interoperate and new use cases will emerge such as appliance diagnostics, energy conservation and the prevention of major damages during natural disasters.

These are the top 10 predictions for Smart Home Future and as the world is becoming more digital, the use of smart home devices will definitely grow in stature. ALT Space has started their journey in providing such devices and are trying to be instrumental in moulding the Smart Automation concept for the future.


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